About the database

Police Informer is an open access database containing links to full text electronic resources of interest to police and security personnel.  All of the resources included are open access items (i.e. publically available), produced post 2010 and predominantly grey literature.  That is, material not formally or commercially published but produced by organisations, government agencies and individuals in the form of reports, procedures, briefings, papers, conference proceedings and the like. Items are often sourced from enforcement agencies internationally, with an emphasis on Australia and New Zealand material.  Occasionally commercial articles will be included if offered free of charge by the publisher.  Evidence informed material is especially sought.

PI is easily searched by keyword (Google style) and records have hyperlinked fields.  Each item is also assigned up to three subject headings and an alternative more specific search is offered from a linked subject list (Browse subjects).

PI is an initiative of the JV Barry Library, Australian Institute of Criminology with cooperation from other law enforcement related Australian libraries.